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Order a license for a MBS Xojo Plug-ins:

We offer three plug-ins packages. And the plug-ins from the MBS collection can be bought separatedly.

The following assistant will lead you to your order page:

Where are you from?

Customer from America.

(for example USA, Canada, Mexico)

Customer from India, Japan or New Zealand.

Customer from outside the European Union.

(for example China, Russia, Swiss, Norway, Israel and South Africa)

Customer from Germany/Deutschland.

(Only for German customers)

Customer from the European Union (not Germany).

(The EU includes: België/Belgique, Ceská Republika, Croatia/Hrvatska, Danmark, Deutschland, Eesti, Ellada, España, France, Ireland/Éire, Italia, Kypros/Kibris, Latvija, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Magyarország, Malta, Nederland, Österreich, Polska, Portugal, Republika Bălgarija, România, Slovenija, Slovenská Republika, Suomi/Finland, Sverige, United Kingdom)

Customer from China.

(You can buy directly from us or contact Toringo Software Consultancy Co., Ltd.)

Customers unsure visit our Share-It Store

(The Share-It store will give you a list of countries to select from.)

If you like to try out the MBS Xojo plug-ins you can just download them. If you want to keep using them in your applications, you need to purchase a license.

The purchase will provide you with a serial number that is valid for all MBS plug-ins released for one year after the time of purchase. To use plug-ins released after that period, you need to purchase an update which gives you a new serial number that is valid for another year. Yearly updates are priced at 50% of the current price.

You can upgrade and downgrade as you like. For details, please ask us for the exact price.

One year updates
Buying a license today will give you 12 months of free updates!

Customized plug-ins are available upon request at common contracting rates.

After payment has been verified, an email with a serial number will be sent to you.
This can take a day or two depending on time zones and local holidays.

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