About Log Application Usage 1.1

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This small application is invisible and writes launch and quit times of all applications to the file "Log Application Usage.log" in the preferences folder.

This application runs in the background and can be quit using the Activity Monitor (see /Applications/Utilities folder).

Useful if you have an internet café and you want to track which applications are used.

This application is freeware and provided as is.

Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9.

New stuff added in version 1.1

  • For developers: Using "Make Invisible" tool to make the application background only instead of Resource.
  • Now an Universal Binary Application on Mac OS X.

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An example log file:

07.12.2004	2:03 Uhr	Open	BBEdit
07.12.2004	2:04 Uhr	Quit	BBEdit	after 1:13
07.12.2004	2:05 Uhr	Open	mplayer
07.12.2004	2:05 Uhr	Quit	mplayer	after 0:46
07.12.2004	2:05 Uhr	Quit	MPlayer OS X 2	after 2:41
07.12.2004	2:06 Uhr	Open	MPlayer OS X 2
07.12.2004	2:06 Uhr	Open	mplayer
07.12.2004	2:07 Uhr	Open	Console
07.12.2004	2:08 Uhr	Quit	Console	after 0:09
07.12.2004	2:09 Uhr	Quit	mplayer	after 3:19

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